Pen Friend Clubs of Japan 青少年ペンフレンドクラブ



Pen Friend Clubs of Japan 青少年ペンフレンドクラブ


Hi, Postcrossers!

PFC monthly magazine "Letter Park" features articles on Postcrossing.
If you are a postcrosser who loves to exchange snail mails with our club members, we welcome you. (If you are not a postcrosser, of course we also welcome.)

The procedure is simple:

  1. Please fill out the application form and send to the following address:
    Pen Friend clubs of Japan
    Postage Stamps and Postcards Office
    JAPAN POST Co., Ltd.
    2-3-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8792
    ※Sorry, we do not have email address for inquiry currently.
    ※We do not accept Post Office Box address.
  2. We publish nationwide PFC monthly magazine and let the Japanese members know about you (name and country).
  3. As soon as Japanese PFC members apply for your pen pal, we will give them your information.
  4. Japanese member will write a letter to you directly.
    ※We are earnestly trying to match you to Japanese pen pal as soon as possible. But it takes some time for you to receive letters from Japan because of the system.
    Thank you in advance.


In Japan, we have a traditional custom to exchange summer greeting cards called "Shochu-mimai" offering best wishes to friends and relatives for the hot season.
These "Shochu-mimai" works were made by PFC advisers.

◆Merci beaucoup!

Ads about PFC was published in Mon Quotidien and My Weekly (visual), both publications from PlayBac, French leading youth publisher.
PFC secretariat has received more than 300 applications from French children. We started matching them with Japanese PFC members.
We hope that they create ties of friendship and enjoy the experience of a new world !

◆We are happy to get your letters.

◆Students of School 16 in Russia received letters from Towa junior high school in Japan.

"Let's write a letter in English" workshops were held by Yuda post office at Nasakejima junior high school and Towa junior high school in Yamaguchi prefecture on November 22,24.
They sent letters to schools in Russia, U.S.A., Sri Lanka, and Belarus.


We have a custom to send New Year's cards called "Nengajo".
Nengajo are delivered in the morning on New Year's Day. Receiving Nengajo is one of the pleasure of the holiday. 2012 is the Year of the Dragon (we have twelve zodiac signs).

◆My Korean pen pal

Kyoko has corresponded with her Korean pen friend Young Jong for 3 years.
Since he knows she is interested in K-pop, he sends Korean magazines to her from time to time.
They send birthday presents and Christmas presents to each other.
Kyoko hopes to see him in Korea next year.

◆International Letter Writing Week

  • We have International Letter Writing Week from Oct 6. The aim of the week is to promote better understanding among nations through letter writing. Japan Post Service Co., Ltd. publishes commemorative stamps every year. English letter writing classes are held by each branches.

◆"Send messages to PFC members affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake"

  • We have sent 141messages from PFC members all over Japan to PFC members affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • 815messages collected at the event "Shibuya Message Festival 2011" in Tokyo were sent to temporary houses in Tohoku area.

Japan World Stamp Exhibition "PHILANIPPON 2011" was held in Yokohama from July 28 to August 2.
65 countries and regions participated in this event. During the six days of the exhibition we had no less than 50.000 visitors. PHILLANIPPON 2011 clearly became the huge success.
PFC secretariat set up a booth named "PFC & Relief for people affected by great east Japan earthquake" to introduce the activities of PFC members and collect messages to Tohoku area (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima).

◆Japan World Stamp Exhibition "PHILANIPPON 2011" will be held on July 28-Aug 2 in Yokohama.

◆Here is a letter from U.S.A

Ryoko Hayashi (14years old) is corresponding with 3 pen pals in U.S.A.
Ryoko says, "The letters from my pen pals are my treasures. I look forward to hearing from them. I needed some time and courage to take a step to overseas correspondence, but now, I am aching to write back them soon. I am happy."

* PFC secretariat is waiting for your report "How`s the correspondence going?"
Please send to,

Pen Friend clubs of Japan
Postage Stamps and Postcards Office
2-3-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8792

Japan Philatelic exhibition 2011 was held on 29th, 30th April, 1st May, 2011 at Tokyo Industrial trade center.
More than 4,000 visitors enjoyed exhibitions. Workshops of various letters arranged by PFC advisers were bustled with many participants.
PFC set up 2 booths, "Yellow Postbox fund-raising" and "Sending message cards to refugees of Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake". Those messages are sent to 8 refuges in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima prefectures.


"Etegami" is a kind of letter with hand drawing and short message.
Mostly people choose familiar objects in their daily life. And it seems that technique is not so important than the feelings what you would like to convey to your friends.
It is very popular in Japan especially among the elderly people.
One day, you might receive "Etegami" from Japanese pen pals if you join us :)