Pen Friend Clubs of Japan 青少年ペンフレンドクラブ



Pen Friend Clubs of Japan 青少年ペンフレンドクラブ

What's PFC?

Don't you have nice pen friends in Japan?

Do you have interest in the Japanese people and the culture? Don't you think writing letters is the best way to promote mutual understanding between your country and Japan? Isn't it the best way to understand the circumstances of each other's country and the worries and joys of school and home?

Please write a letter to us now if you want to correspond with a Japanese person. If you do so, a whole new world may open up to you.

What is Pen Friend Clubs (P.F.C.) of Japan?

The Pen Friend Clubs of Japan are organizations of PFC members exchanging letters with friends within and outside the country and thus enjoying various activities through friendly correspondence. The members are mainly junior or senior high school students,and also a variety of generation join the Pen Friend Clubs of Japan.

For over 50 years, the Pen Friend Clubs of Japan has matched wonderful pen friends for Japanese and non-Japanese persons from all over the world.

Its abbreviation "P.F.C." is also an acronym for the three mottoes of the Pen Friend Clubs of Japan: PEACE, FRIENDSHIP and CULTURE.

PFC Mediation between Those Who Want to Exchange Letters with Overseas or Domestic Friends. pdf(398kB)

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