Pen Friend Clubs of Japan 青少年ペンフレンドクラブ



Pen Friend Clubs of Japan 青少年ペンフレンドクラブ

Looking for Japanese pen pals? - If you are, please join PFC!

The number of members is 17,993 (as of April 1, 2024)

Pen Friend Clubs of Japan(PFC) is a group which acts in Japan.
We're looking for pen pals who lives in overseas.
If you are interested in , please send a Pen Pal Application from our website.

 *We introduce pen pals who is a member of Japanese Pen Friend Clubs in Japan.

 *We don't have the service that mediate between who lives abroad,only who lives in Japan.

We have been receiving many pen pal application from all over the world lately.
You might wait for publishing your pen pal application for several months.
Thank you for your understanding.
Our email address has changed, if you have any inquiries or change,
Please send here

Step 1:
Please send your pen pal application from our website at the input form.

Step 2:
Your first name, age, country and message will be posted in our membership magazine Letter Park, issued by PFC every month.

Step 3:
PFC members who wish to exchange letters with you will contact the PFC office.

Step 4:
Only PFC members who have applied to our office will receive your address.

Step 5:
A PFC member will send you the first letter. It may take some time before you receive the first letter. Please wait patiently; it might take two to three months usually.